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EU legislation

"Health Claims Regulation"
The legislative, the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union, set specific rules regarding the claims that can be made about supplements. Of great importance in this regard is the EFSA. The EFSA (European Food and Safety Authority) is the controlling institution that can approve or reject "health claims ", hence, statements whether certain substances (e.g. vitamins) are essential for health.

Although supplements contain many substances, the number of authorised claims is insufficient. For many elements, there are no approved health claims at all. The EFSA is of the opinion that these claims are not scientifically documented; the EFSA considers them as not "validated," that is, 100% true.

On the one side, there are authorised claims for vitamins and minerals. On the other side, health-related claims for other substances, such as Q10, are not allowed.
This approach might be debatable; however, we as producers and suppliers have to follow this regulation.
In our opinion, even the authorised claims do not mirror the current state of science.

Nevertheless, we insist on freedom of speech. 

You can find claims about various substances and their effects in different media.
These claims can only be made if they do not serve any economic interests; that is, we, as producers and suppliers, are not allowed to make these statements before retail customers.

Independent websites and blogs, which do not have any interest in selling supplements, are allowed to publish available data and can also provide health-related information.

Therefore, we have to refer you, as consumers and customers, to these websites and blogs. On this website, we can only provide information required by law (factual information).

In this way, we can characterise substances according to the state of science.
In the following, we will give an example:
Q10 constitutes a redox system that substantially contributes to the production of energy in cells.
Without Q10 there would be no biological processes in living organisms. At the same time, it is an antioxidant and can protect certain sensitive biological substances.

However, we are not allowed to make any statement about to what extent these facts are of importance for your health.
As a consequence, one would have to conclude that claims that are not approved were wrong. These claims have to be scientifically proven without any doubt.
From your own life experience, you certainly know that it is challenging to make claims that hold 100% true; even statements about medications that are entirely correct without any doubt are almost impossible to make. Science is a living discipline and a "fact" that has been accepted as valid for more than five, ten, or more years (to the best of belief) can appear in a different light today. Scientific studies are complex, expensive, need much time, and are often ambiguous.
In accordance with the legislation in force, it has become impossible to give any product information regarding substances and their effects in studies if this information is not supported by entirely unambiguous evidence. Also, all of these claims have to be approved by the EFSA.
The effect of supplements is way more difficult to evaluate than medications. This is because of the following reasons:
You cannot conduct a study in which you forbid subjects to eat in order to make a statement about the active substance that is included in their food.
Many supplements constitute useful combinations whose interactions have been empirically investigated.
A frequently used example is the ancient formulations that are based on different herbs. Only today, we start to grasp the effects of many plant substances, although their effects have been known for thousands of years.
This is why we would like to quote Hippocrates, the founder of scientific medicine:
"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food!"

Our recommendation:

We only can provide health-related information for professional circles.
For this purpose, we have compiled respective information material. Where available, we have attached studies to the brochures.
Moreover, we would be pleased to refer you to a naturopathic therapist.

Please talk to your doctor, natural health practitioner, or pharmacist. Due to their education and information we have provided, they can advise you on a personal level.
At the moment, our website is revised; in this way, you will only find allowed health claims here.
Additionally, every product will be accompanied by a nutrition table.
From time to time, we will draw your attention to informative links on this website.
For example
With the verdict from the 12th of May 1996, the federal court Hamburg has ruled that, if applicable, one is jointly accountable for the content of a linked website.
This can only be prevented if one explicitly disavows the linked content.

For all links on this website, the following is applicable: We explicitly disavow any content of all linked websites on our homepage, and we do not take any ownership of linked contents.